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About Me.

As a doctor in a developing country with a passion for crypto, I have found a unique niche in utilizing my knowledge of marketing and my communication skills to help Projects on Telegram maximize their exposure. I have established strong relationships with influencers in the industry, positioning myself as a valuable and cost-effective asset for any project.

I am fluent in Portuguese (native), Spanish and possess advanced proficiency in English.

(- - )

My combination of crypto knowledge, my willingness to help, as well as my language skills, allow me to bring a unique and well-rounded perspective to any project I work with.


Services I provide

Telegram Marketing Campaign

I work with over 20+ reputable Telegram channels to provide my clients with comprehensive pricing options for their Post and AMA campaigns.

provided with the budget and desired campaign type, I'll craft a personalized plan utilizing my network of channels.

my goal is save your time and money.


Copywriting & Consulting

In addition, i also offer the service of crafting and writing the posts myself.

I will provide suggestions on marketing strategies, post content, and everything related to your project ( softcap, hardcap, tokenomics, etc... )

i will ensure that post timing is synchronized with influencers to ensure maximum engagement.


Billboards & press articles

Billboards around the world, press release articles Including:

- Yahoo finance
- Benzinga
- Bloomberg
- chinese press release


Exchange Listing

CMC+CG price tracked listings, Price tracking on Binance,, Crypto rank, Coinbase, Trust Wallet price tracking.


Project development services

Blockhain developers ( contracts, marketplaces, wallet connects, websites, staking, NFT's, )

Game developers specialized on NFT games or play2earn without NFT's.

Artists and designers for everything.

Brazilian marketing ( youtubers, influencers, shill, kol )


Let’s do bussiness ?

DM me with your inquiries at


“you’re in good hands.”




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